Complaints Charter

The complaints process at Friday Legal Solicitors is as follows:

  1. Any complaint raised about any matter should initially be dealt with by the fee earner concerned in an attempt to resolve matters to the satisfaction of the client.
  2. Where matters cannot be resolved in a satisfactory manner between the fee earner and the client making the complaint, then the matter should immediately be passed to the Managing Director.
  3. The Managing Director will immediately acknowledge receipt of the complaint to the client and will endeavour to investigate the matter promptly thereafter.
  4. The Managing Director will respond to the client with the results of his investigation as soon as possible and shall endeavour to keep the client fully informed about the progression of the investigation in a timely manner.
  5. The Managing Director will correspond with the client in an attempt to reach an amicable solution to the issues complained about.
  6. In the event that matters cannot be satisfactorily resolved between the Managing Director and the client making the complaint, then the Managing Director will issue a "Final Response Letter" to enable the client to take the complaint formally to the Legal Ombudsman's Service.
  7. Friday Legal Solicitors will cooperate fully with the Legal Ombudsman Service and will abide by the decisions of the Legal Ombudsman's Service.
  8. The Managing Director at this time is Douglas Iles (01536 218888)

November 2018

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